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Just to give a quick update, the link that I put in my last post about the Pekingese has now been indexed by Google. I have no idea how long it will stay, and I also have no idea how to keep the rest of the animals in there. I think that we are going […]

For some reason, all the pages that were indexed are no longer indexed. I have no idea what happened. I’m down to having only 7 pages spidered. Basically, I’m down to the links on the homepage. As another test for this blog, I’m going link PekingeseĀ in this blog to see what happens. I thought that […]

All the pages of The Pet Wiki (that have been written so far) have been spidered. That’s good. Now we have to work on page rank. That’s a lot harder to do. Part of the problem with any new site is, that definition, it’s new. To get search engines to trust you, a site does […]

All of the links on the last post got indexed, except two. I have no idea why it would have gotten everything else and missed Airdale Terrier and German Shepherd, but it did. Perhaps there is a limit to the number of links you can put in a post. Maybe it just hasn’t had a […]

It Worked!


Now all the animals that have been mentioned in this blog have been indexed. It’s still a bit weird though. Although they are showing up in Google, none of the inner content from these pages are showing up in the search engine. I hope that will come in time. For now, I’ll be happy with […]

This has been a really great learning experience. The pages that I liked to from this blog have been the first pages to be indexed by Google. This blog seems to have serious SEO value. As a test I’m going to write a few lines with a few links in it to see if I […]

After having the site up for about a week, we finally got our first trickle of Google traffic. Someone looked up American Stratfordshire Terrier, and there we were. Ok, the page was linked to our generic Dogs page, and it showed as the 70-some-odd result, but there it was. I see this as a very […]