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My mom has really been at it. She has writen all the base content for The Pet Wiki. If you want to know anything about a Talking Mynah, or a Ferret or a Kingsnake, her site is the place to go. What’s up next? She has started writing pages for dog pet care. After that, […]

Although the process seemed to take forever, the dog pictures have all been added. All the pictures on the site are either from the Creative Commons or are copyright free. There are places where you can buy images on line for a couple of dollars each, but if you want a lot of pictures, it […]

The latest addition to the The Pet Wiki: a little button next to every title to make social bookmark the page really easy. This makes it much easier for people to add links to the site. If someone wanted to let others know about an American Cocker Spaniel, all they need to do is go […]

I’ve been trying to add images of cats and dogs to my mom’s site. So far so good. I have been looking for images in the Creative Commons. A lot of the stuff I’ve uploaded is public domain. Dogs have been easier to find than cats. Perhaps it’s because you can tell a dog to […]

My mom has really been at it. She has now finished writing information about cat breeds and has moved on to birds. From Abyssinians to Turkish Vans, if you are looking for a cat, The Pet Wiki is the place to go. Abyssinian has an image, but there is still a lot of work to […]

Dogs A-B are now all pictured up on The Pet Wiki. I hadn’t realized how much work it was going to be to do that. The WYSIWYG has made life a lot easier. There is so much potential for mistakes without it. Here are the steps: We look for freely licensed images on the web […]

It’s a lot of fun to see how the site is progressing. For a while now, looking up “pet wiki” or “wiki pet” has done well and brings up The Pet Wiki homepage, but now we are showing up in the top ten on Google for American Stratfordshire Terrier. It is even going to the […]