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I’m not sure how I feel about my mother putting her Rottweiler mix, Timo, through chemotherapy. We got the results from the biopsy, and they aren’t good. Tim has the worst kind of cancer possible. The dog is no longer happy. Since her leg was removed, she seems very depressed. She is no longer interested in […]

Timo has Cancer


My mother’s middle dog, Timo, has just been diagnosed with cancer. She is a Rottweiler mix. They say that it is common for Rottweilers to get this kind of cancer. She has had one of her front legs removed. They know that it’s bone cancer, but they aren’t sure the exact type yet. The leg has […]

Sure, there are a ton of dog breeds out there. The last one that she added to The Pet Wiki, was the Tibetan Mastiff. It’s an animal that is used to guard whole villages. I’ve seen books that have over 300 hundred different breeds, and that didn’t include some of those newer breeds, like Papipoo […]

Since my mother has completed writing entries for the top 50 dog breeds, she’s had to come up with new things to write for The Pet Wiki. I have never heard of a dog called a Vizsla. She has. She’s written a very interesting page for them. If I hadn’t seen it on Wikipedia, I’m […]

In my Digital Storytelling course, they introduced me to Wordle. Here is the Wordle for this blog: