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No, my mother has not finished adding dogs. She keeps finding more. She’s even added designer dog breeds like Bogles and Giant Schnoodles. She needs a break from from dogs, so she’s now decided to add horses to The Pet Wiki. There seems to be a lot out there. So far she’s added the following […]

We had to shut off Akismet (at least for now) because it was stopping my mom from working on the page What are some illnesses affecting dogs? That  page has a kosher link and when she tried to save, she was blocked. I guess it wasn’t kosher enough for Akismet. There is a while list that we […]

Fighting Spam!


Now that we’ve tried to make it easier for people to add content, it seems like the spammers have taken to adding a ton of links that just don’t belong. It’s been a real battle to keep up with the mess that they are making. There are a bunch of add-ins and extensions that we’ve […]

I still haven’t been able to find anything about redirects since we got the Simple URLs up on The Pet Wiki. Most of the links to the site (that I know of) come from this blog. I’ve gone through my old blog posts and modified the urls. I hope that what I did didn’t kill […]

Simple URLs!


It took a bit of doing, but we finally got the site to use Simple URLs instead of that ugly title=[Page Name] on our MediaWiki (The Pet Wiki) based site. It wasn’t that difficult after we found the solution, but it took a ton of time to find it. Since the site is on GoDaddy, we […]

So cool. Almost everything that you can think about someone has already developed for the MediaWiki. The MediaWiki is so incredibly powerful. The lastest thing that we added to the The Pet Wiki has been a way to comments on pages. After adding the extension for the comments, you need to add <comments/> to the Wikitext  of the page. […]

I got my mom a book on cat breeds to help her out with some of the details. There are some new breeds in there that I’ve never heard of. Apparently neither has Wikipedia. I think that’s kind of cool, that The Pet Wiki has stuff that isn’t in Wikipedia yet. If you want to […]