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Things have been so crazy lately, that I haven’t a any time to update the blog. So much is going on. I created a twitter account for The Pet Wiki. I don’t know how, but people are finding it and are starting to follow. So far there are 9 people following. That’s not too shabby […]

My son has been writing for another website for a while now. He is now one of the top writer for the Mets on the Bleacher Report. You can check 0ut his bio here. I find it amazing that┬ápeople actually ask him questions. People really respect his opinion. I’m amazed how the web does such […]

Until now, people have gone into The Pet Wiki to make minor edits here and there. Yesterday was the first time that someone has gone in on done some major work on any of the pages. Check out the mice┬ápage. The style is a bit different than we’ve been doing until now, but I really […]

My son loves the New York Mets. He’s been a fan since his first baseball game at Shea. Feeling a little left out of The Pet Wiki, he decided to start his own Met Wiki. I wonder what will be next. Will my oldest start The Art Wiki? Who knows. Right now it’s all a […]

I was at a talk on SEO recently where I was told that you need to do sitemaps. Google will be able to index your site 4x’s faster if you put them up. Unfortunately I have not seen this yet on The Pet Wiki. I put up a site map a couple of weeks ago, […]