Went to my first “Paw Pawty”


The animal community on twitter is a very tight knit group. There was a “paw pawty” on twitter yesterday to celebrate BrewskieButt‘s (a cat) birthday and to collect money for FURPOWER. FURPOWER collects money and gives it to a needy pet charity so they can do great work. The mascot of the FURPOWER is RomeoTheCat, a resuced Persian. It’s amazing how powerful twitter is and all the great things that can be done with it.

I learned of a really cool site that helped me really enjoy the “paw pawty.” TwitterGrid allowed me to see every tweet made to the “paw pawty” in real time. This includes people that I am not following. As long as people had in their tweets #pawpawty, it showed up there.  It was a great way to find new people (or in this case animals) who might be interesting to follow on a regular basis. I’m now following over 140 people. I’m finding that I just can’t keep up with everyone, but I try to read as many tweets as possible. I think that twitter could become its own full time job.

I think that I’m at a twitter disadvantage. Since I live in Israel, I usually spend my time tweeting before or after work. That’s OK when I’m responding directly to others, but if I want to promote new pages on The Pet Wiki, I’ll need to figure something else out. There’s a service that I’ve subscribed to call TweetLater. It should allow me to set times for my tweets to  display. We’ll see if that helps.


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