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Over the short life of The Pet Wiki, we’ve had a couple of contributors here and there, but we haven’t had anyone (not including my mom) who have felt compelled to add content. I’m working on a new strategy. I’m going to tweet to people about specific issues that interest them. I’ve mad friends with […]

I’m having a problem keeping up with my mom. She has written some wonderful pages on The Pet Wiki about pet care. Here are some of them: How can I save my pets when disaster hits? Where can I take my dog on vacation?‎ What foods are unsafe for pets to eat?‎ How do I keep […]

I still haven’t had time to work on the development of a new interface for The Pet Wiki. I’ve been busy with so many other things, and needing to share a computer really hasn’t help. I won’t be doing much this week, but I finish this semester at school on Friday, so my time will […]

My mom has been working so hard, adding excellent content to The Pet Wiki, that I thought I’d do something nice for her. I bought her a new beautiful 22″ flat screen monitor so that she no longer has to squint when she writes. I went to hook up the monitor to her computer, but […]

This blog has been a fun way for me to document all the goings on in The Pet Wiki. This past week has been Passover, so I haven’t been able to add as much stuff as I would have liked to. Even so, the twitter account is doing well. We now have over 300 followers. […]

The animal community on twitter is a very tight knit group. There was a “paw pawty” on twitter yesterday to celebrate BrewskieButt‘s (a cat) birthday and to collect money for FURPOWER. FURPOWER collects money and gives it to a needy pet charity so they can do great work. The mascot of the FURPOWER is RomeoTheCat, […]

I know that I’ve already said that twitter is so cool. The twitter account for The Pet Wiki is now up to 200 followers. I’ve started following more people myself. There is so much great information out there that other people find. I’ve joined a few pet groups, sent Jane Goodall a 75th birthday wish, […]