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I’ve been playing around with a number of themes on the new blog site – I want to have it up and ready before I do the big switch – and it seems like Thesis wins out. I’m one of the cheaper people out there, so for me to plunk down $87 for a theme […]

I was at a talk on SEO recently where I was told that you need to do sitemaps. Google will be able to index your site 4x’s faster if you put them up. Unfortunately I have not seen this yet on The Pet Wiki. I put up a site map a couple of weeks ago, […]

Fighting Spam!


Now that we’ve tried to make it easier for people to add content, it seems like the spammers have taken to adding a ton of links that just don’t belong. It’s been a real battle to keep up with the mess that they are making. There are a bunch of add-ins and extensions that we’ve […]

I still haven’t been able to find anything about redirects since we got the Simple URLs up on The Pet Wiki. Most of the links to the site (that I know of) come from this blog. I’ve gone through my old blog posts and modified the urls. I hope that what I did didn’t kill […]

Simple URLs!


It took a bit of doing, but we finally got the site to use Simple URLs instead of that ugly title=[Page Name] on our MediaWiki (The Pet Wiki) based site. It wasn’t that difficult after we found the solution, but it took a ton of time to find it. Since the site is on GoDaddy, we […]

It’s a lot of fun to see how the site is progressing. For a while now, looking up “pet wiki” or “wiki pet” has done well and brings up The Pet Wiki homepage, but now we are showing up in the top ten on Google for American Stratfordshire Terrier. It is even going to the […]

The link that I put a few posts ago was short lived. Although Pekingese is no longer in the search results, the number of links went up from 7 to 11. Most of those links are pages for other links, but some of them have real content. That’s new. For pages on Chesapeake Bay Retriever I can […]